San Antonio 150x150 The Proper Air Conditioner Repair in TempeWith the summer season approaching in Tempe, what could be a better time to advise people on how to keep their air conditioners running smoothly and efficiently. And also to prevent system failure and costly ac repairs in Tempe.

The single most important thing you can do in regards to your central ac unit, is to keep the filter changed. The frequency of changing the filter will depend on the thickness and could vary anywhere from every few months to 6 to 12 months. You should follow the manufacture recommendations on your particular air conditioning system. Dirty ac filters will inhibit the air flow which will put stress on the indoor fan motor. Overtime it may eventually fail in Tempe Arizona.

Decreased air flow can also disrupts the refrigerant evaporation process, AC Repair San Antonio 2 150x150 The Proper Air Conditioner Repair in Temperesulting in a damaged compressor. A dirty filter can also reduce the efficiency of the ac unit. Since dirty filters will cost you in terms of efficiency and costly ac repair bills, changing the filter will actually pay for itself.

One way to keep your air conditioning costs down in Tempe is by blocking the suns rays from going through your windows. By closing your windows and blinds where sunlight shines directly, you can keep heat from building up in your house that will keep your ac unit from running less.

You should have a licensed air conditioning professional service your central unit annually to prevent failure an improve efficiency. Part of preventive maintenance should include having the condensing coil cleaned once a year. This will not only improve efficiency but lessen the chance that the compressor or fan motor will fail.

Some other items the ac repair technician will check are: voltage levels, the level of refrigerant and compressor amp draw. Checking all these things and making the repairs as necessary will lessen the chance of your central unit failing and will help to prevent costly repairs.