What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

Pediatric Dentist as a Specialization

Pediatric Dentist 3 300x227 What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?A pediatric dentist provides dental care for the baby and child all the way to their adolescent years. The pediatric dentistry field is actually one of
nine dentist fields. A pediatric dentist will work on a child’s primary, or baby teeth and also work on their secondary teeth through adolescence.
The will also attend to their mouth and gums.

What Do They Treat?

The pediatric dental technician. will treat the more common procedures, such installing fillings, repairing fractured or broken teeth. They also treat more
complex issues such as difficult extractions and treating sensitive teeth. Certain children may be at particular risk for specific problems. The pediatric dentist will be trained to diagnose such issues. The treat problems that are specific to the teeth and gums.

Preventative Treatment

The reason why tooth decay is especially common in children is that their teeth are more difficult to clean than adults. This why a pediatric dentists will perform preventative measures such as teeth cleaning.  Also, they will occasionally apply fluoride to prevent tooth decay. They also perform diagnoses to address future problems that may arise. Xrays’ are in important tool of a pediatric dentist to bring to light problem areas.

Education and Training

The pediatric specialty, just like others, required additional training above and beyond that required for a general practice. The requirement for a general practicePediatric Dentist 300x169 What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do? dentist will be to acquire a 4 year doctoral. The pediatric dentist will achieve this and complete a specialty education program that is focused on the treatment of infants and children through the adolescent years. These programs must follow American Dental Association Guidelines.  Since subjects such as anesthesia and orthodontics apply differently to children, the pediatric dentist must be knowledgeable in the various treatment problems.

Pediatric Dentist Pay

The pediatric dentist specialist generally receives a compensation that is substantial in comparison to a general dentist.





Why Pediatric Dentist in Valdosta, GA

The Pediatric Dentist

Child Dentist 300x200 300x200 Why Pediatric Dentist in Valdosta, GAThe main difference between a general dentist and a pediatric dentist, is that a pediatric dental specialist will treat only children, while the general dentist can treat children and adults. For some families, it is more practical to go to a general dentists office, since the dentist will be aware of dental issues that are unique to the family.

Pediatric Dentist Training

In addition to going to a standard dental school, a pediatric dentist will complete an additional 2 to 3 years of specialized training. One of the things that a child dentist will receive training for is how to handle and calm children. The first or even the first few visits to the dentist for a child can be almost a traumatic experience. This is why many parents prefer a pediatric dentist over a general dentist, since the children’s dentist will have superior training better suited for the child.

The Pediatric Dental Office

The pediatric dental office  will look vastly different than that of a general dentist. Designed to have a calming influence on the child, they will be filled with bright colors, cartoon characters and have lots of toys and puzzles to keep the children occupied similar to the one at www.dentistvaldosta.com

Smaller Equipment For Children

While it is not uncommon for dentists to use dental equipment that is standard size, by using the smaller equipment designed for the childs’ mouth, website it enhances
PediatricDentalPractice 300x192 Why Pediatric Dentist in Valdosta, GAthe child’s experience and makes the dentist job a little easier. It should also be noted that pediatric dentists will frequently help children prepare for dental exams by introducing each piece of equipment individually. After all dental equipment can be quite scary-looking to the child for the first time.

Preventative Care For the Child

With pediatric dentistry, there is more of a prevention so that the patient experiences   good dental health for a lifetime. With that being said, the pediatric dentist will help the child establish good habits like frequent brushing and flossing to prevent tooth decay.